How much material do I need?

You'll need to know the dimensions of the work area.  Input this information into the mulch/material calculator and then select the desired thickness (inches) to be installed.  The computer number will give an exact yardage amount needed. One yard of mulch will cover an area 162 sq. ft. applied at a depth of 2".

Can deliveries be dumped in more than one area?

At the discretion of our drivers, attempting to split the load may be an option, but outcome not guaranteed.  The trucks operate on a dump function.  Once the load begins to descend it is impossible to accurately judge/stop. 

If I order two different material types, do they come on the same delivery?

Loading separate orders on the same truck is not possible as the product will mix when delivered/dumped.

How big are your trucks and what is the maximum load I can get?

We have several different delivery trucks that can accommodate anywhere from 1 to 15 yards of mulch. Weight restrictions limit sand/soil/stone loads to 5 yards per delivery.

How soon should I install mulch after it's delivered?

It is recommended that mulch not be installed if rain is predicted within 24 hours.  This allows the product to dry and prevents "washout" thus avoiding fading in color.

How much can my truck hold?

-Light trucks should be able to carry 800lbs

-Most pickup trucks are designed for half ton loads (1,000lbs)

-3/4 ton trucks can hold 1,500lbs

-Standard 6ft beds are able to haul a level 2yds of mulch

What is the lead time for a delivery?

We are usually able to deliver within 48hrs after an order is placed

If I require more than one delivery, am I charged delivery fees twice?

After the first, rates are reduced $15 per trip.  I.e. Up to 5 miles, standard delivery fee is $35.  Fee for a second delivery is $20.

Preserving mulch color and avoiding color washout:

Color enhanced mulch should not be installed if rain is in the forecast.  Allowing 24-48 hours "drying" time after spreading will avoid the color from being washed out.

NOTE: All products are sold in bulk, by the yard - One yard equates to 27 cubic feet. 

Hours of Operation:                                   

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm                         

Saturday 8am-1pm                                

Sunday - Closed                                    

Delivery Rates:

<5 miles $35

5-10 miles $45

>10 miles TBD


Our lead delivery driver, Moose, is well compensated in treats.